The Preachers Wife

I am not a mushy kinda guy so this post has been on my mind for a very long time.

In 11th grade ,almost 18 years ago, a smoking hot, blonde haired, and blue eyed girl was placed in my life. She was from a big family, had loving parents that ran a local family business, the first born grand daughter, pageant groomed, and could have her pick of the best guy for her future. I was the all-american Christian southern boy, clean cut, polite, a football player, and loved my church. I was also from a very small family, raised by a single mother, and grew up on the mill village. I was defiantly out of my league and I got lucky.¬†Allison and I began dating and immediately the sparks started flying. We were perfect together. Three years went by and life was great until…. “IT” happened.

High School PromI was called to be a minister and give my life to serving God in the local church. I had graduated high school, by the grace of God, and Allison was finishing up her senior year. We had talked about marriage, kids, and growing old together. There was no doubt God had placed us together! Being called to the ministry was a shock especially since I was not a studious person. Allison and I talked about it and I gave her a “no hard feelings” out. I knew this was not what she pictured for us or dreamed of as a little girl practicing for her wedding. She didn’t hesitate a bit. She was 100% ready despite her fears.

This is why I love my wife so much! Not one little girl imagines herself marring a minister. God had commissioned Allison and she didn’t even know it yet. Almost 18 years later there is absolutely no doubt that God knew what I needed in a help mate. Allison is my HERO! She has battled disappointment, hurt, anger, huge amounts of stress, and a complete lifestyle change. al and lance

Bottom line… She didn’t sign up for this but she was created for it. She is a silent giant with a huge heart. When I am broken she comforts. When I am attacked she builds me up. When my faith is weak she lets me share hers. She is a fantastic mother and our 3 girls are deeply in love with her. She allows the church to borrow her husband opting to be a single mother at times. She believes that the mission is greater than our personal preferences. She has sacrificed her childhood dreams for God’s calling upon our family. Behind every great man is a great woman. I may not be “great” but the courage you see in me is because God placed Allison in my life.

You see, if I fail chasing God’s will for my life I have nothing to lose because He loves, she loves me, and my daughters love me. He gave me the perfect partner who’s strength inspires me to be to take risks and leave a Kingdom legacy! You can’t be “great” unless you’re willing to take risks, and you can’t take risks unless you have unfailing support.

I write this post to display how overwhelmingly honored I am that God placed Allison in my life and allows US to lead His people at Potential Church. I could not have made it to this point without her and I can’t move forward without her. She was with be before the journey began and will be with me when our journey ends. I love you Allison! You’re sacrifice, devotion, and strength inspires me to never give up the chase!

Al and Lance

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