WOW!! God is moving at Potential Church

Potential Church launched Oct. 7, 2012 with 168 in attendance after many months of gathering and preparation. Since the launch we have experienced amazing worship, decline, growth, and life change. On January 27, 2013 we experienced an exciting time in the life of our church during our first baptism. We witnessed the largest gathering since the launch with 116 people in attendance to celebrate the baptism of 6 people whom had experienced a life change through Jesus Christ as a result of Potential Church. One of the people baptized was Chris, a close friend of mine from high school whom I had not spoken to in over 12 years, and his journey took him far away from God during that time. He accepted Jesus and began a life transformation over the past 5 weeks that can only be explained by the dwelling of the Holy Spirit within his heart. Each week God brings new people like Chris to Potential Church who are seeking hope and redemption and it’s our desire to help them discover it. We are currently averaging 72 people (86 last week) and it is hard to believe we are only 15 weeks old. The community has accepted us with open arms and word is getting out that God is moving at Potential Church.

Five years ago I was desperately seeking my sweet spot and to fully experience what it meant to be obedient to God. Only after releasing the fear, stepping out in total faith, and being completely submissive to the Holy Spirit did God begin to truly reveal Himself and bless us. I have discovered my purpose in life and can’t express the joy that dwells within my heart. God has blessed my family with a wonderful group of believers that love those far from Jesus and believe in the mission of Potential Church. My family and our core group started out saying “The mission is greater than our preference!” and now our preference is to fulfill the mission! If the first 15 weeks is any indicator of the next 15 years then we are in for an amazing journey!

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