5 Things That Drive Me Crazy!

One of the following 5 things usually happens to me every day. They are pretty random so I thought I would share them with the blogosphere!

  1. When checking out the person TAKING MY MONEY doesn’t say thank you or have a nice day. HELLO I did just purchase a product from your store with my hard earned money that pays your salary. Don’t just look at me.
  2. Seeing all the games people play on Facebook during the day while they are at work. Facebook is great for communication and advertising, but playing the silly games and quizzes while at work is a little arrogant.
  3. People that assume that pastors are lazy. One of the reasons I love what I do is the pace. Pastors bring more passion to what they do, and handle more people problems in a day than most people will ever realize.
  4. When someone asks me a computer question and they have not tried to find the answer themselves. I understand we live in a culture conditioned to immediate response, but we also live in a world with tons of answers. If you have the knowledge to get on the internet and type in www.google.com then you really should check there first.
  5. People that assume I don’t already have a plan. It’s no secret that I am ADD and like to chase a white rabbit every now and then. About 99% of the time I’m thinking about the next step or two of life that is going on around me. I know that this sounds a little arrogant, but I truly do think of the next task while I’m working on the current one. I even have a huge grease board in my office with 5 column task lists.
  6. TELEMARKETERS just saying!! (I know this is six but I couldn’t resist)
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